I was born in Venezuela a long, long time ago (at least that is what my kids say!). Lived in Spain for ten years and moved to the USA in 2012. With a degree in Business Administration, I have always loved all the social/mind/emotional sciences, and I found in Marketing a way to apply business to behaviors. 

Worked in multinationals companies for seven years (Pepsi and 3M), I was always clear that the day I became a mother, I will stay home with them (imagining it as THE MOST important project I would have, and it IS!).

Motherhood has been the most challenging, rewarding, and transformative experience of my life – it has been the catalyst for permanent shifts in the way I view the world, helped me to become in touch with my most-profound needs and priorities, and demanded I explore new and creative ways of living joyfully and meaningfully.

Today my strongest sense of fulfillment is rooted in the experiences of watching my children grow – each smile, embrace, “aha” moment, and “I love you, Mami” serve as powerful motivation to continue striving to be the best possible version of myself.

I love my children, and I also like them very much. I enjoy being in their company and sharing in their joy and curiosity as they make their meaningful connections with the world.

My entrepreneurship began as a way to look for a business I can handle while being with my children. From that first decision and my first kid, ten years have passed, as I was 35 when my oldest was born. I had a chocolate store in Venezuela, a coffee shop and a pre-loved baby products store in Barcelona, Spain, and a “conflict management training” company here in the USA.

It is my firm belief that helping to improve the mindsets and lives of mothers today is one step toward inspiring a more compassionate, accepting, creative, and collaborative world tomorrow.


A MOM FOR THE JOB is the most recent project I have started with intentions of connecting with and supporting other mothers looking to create more happiness and peace in their relationships with their children.

I want to change the world! I dream of a world full of consideration, respect, kindness, self-esteem, no fears. I KNOW we, as moms, can do it.

We need to begin with ourselves. There is NO option for a compassionate approach to motherhood if we feel most of the time alone, judged, under constant pressure, tired, disconnected.

We want these t-shirts to be SIGNS to remind us that we are doing tough work, that we have a huge responsibility but it can be seen as a HUGE power. Signs to tell us that it is worthy, that there are ways to make a difference, and that you can find support here, with me, with us.

I am a proud mom of a nine-year-old girl, and twins boy and girl six-year-old. I homeschooled them (to be honest, in a very flexible way), I train Aikido, do yoga, love to cook, enjoy a good conversation more than anything, my morning coffee is orgasmic, I love the ocean, and I couldn’t live far from it. I am a communication, emotional intelligence, and consciousness passionate.

On the other hand, I struggle with time for self-care, I need extra breathing and “focusing on the goal” when my children fight with each other, I need “too much” energy when I don’t feel listened, I feel pain in my stomach when I see injustices or that someone is treated with disrespect. I like to be a mother, but it has been challenging like no other project in my life (not only not having time but many times not knowing how much time I was having), the “mamis” every 2 minutes, 9 years of non-straight sleeping, and you can add yours here, because I am sure we have some in common.

This is a project to become stronger together. Hope you enjoy it, join us, comment, share with us what you need, like, dream, and maybe even design and have your own t-shirt on this website soon!

I send you from here love, a lot of extra breathing, consciousness of your power, and a lot of respect for your job as a mom!


Cristina C.






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