Get Together

“Get Together” Amazing Monthly Package (all materials for 3 women)


Subscribe to our GET TOGETHER monthly program and you will receive every month an amazing package with an activity (instructions, materials, gifts for at least 3 women) related to a specific theme (that at the same time is part of another Mompreneur project)  like these:

  • Welcome package: get your “I belong” treats: a mug, a t-shirt, stickers, and an intuitive session with a wonderful Mothering Coach.
  • Chocolate Tasting: did you know you can taste chocolate as people do with wines? Find notes, aromas, different smells, and origins. Get those chocolates, instructions and materials.
  • Chef for a night: get ingredients, a yummy recipe, a bottle of wine, and talk and laugh.
  • DIY Sexy products (essential oils, how to make an edible natural and organic lubricant, how to take advantage of smells)

Other benefits:

20% off all products offered by A Mom for the Job (t-shirts, directory, events)

Automatically enroll in our “Work with us” Program

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