Work from home

Are you looking for extra income while you ENJOY your children?

Do you feel connected to the A MOM FOR THE JOB project and want to spread the word? Perfect. You share our products with your friends, we will share the profits with you.

A MOM FOR THE JOB was created with 2 purposes:
1. Feel proud and reaffirm the beautiful part of being a Mother.
2. To help other moms, producing other moms ideas, donating to “single moms organizations/cooperatives”, help moms as you to get an extra income.

  • You can register for free HERE or after your first purchase (shop here), you will automatically be added to our Moms Helping Moms Affiliate Program.
  • You will receive a link, based in our URL and with YOUR reference name at the end (for example, if your affiliate user name is: Proud Mom, your affiliate link will be: and a QR Code to this link (just to have options to share your link with a mom in the park!).
  • Share this link with friends, post it in your social media, create a banner in your website or blog, buy your own inventory to sell locally to stores, yoga studio, friends, school.
  • Receive a commission for EVERY person that buys a product through your link to our web.